About Yoga Refuge

Yoga Refuge is a studio for teachings that embolden people to live vibrant, whole, healthy and connected lives. Our schedule offers a wide variety of yoga classes, as well as training methods that stem from the performing arts. From our weekly classes to our workshops and Yoga Teacher Training program, we create meaningful yoga experiences that allow students to experience the Art of Yoga.

Guiding Values:

  • We welcome diversity in our student population, and are collectively trained to support students from a variety of backgrounds, body shapes and phases of life.
  • We value a therapeutic orientation to yoga, and while some classes are physically rigorous and challenging, all of our programming is there to provide you an opportunity to heal and grow.
  • Our yoga is body-positive and non-dogmatic.
  • Our yoga is a place to slow down, become present, and learn more about yourself, which is not always an easy process. Please be patient with yourself, and with your guides.
  • We value consistency in the qualifications and training of our teachers, not necessarily in the content they teach. You can expect to be challenged to learn new ways of doing things with each of uniquely talented teachers.