Childcare and Family Yoga

Childcare at Yoga Refuge

The Little Lotus Learning Center is a cozy and whimsical space where your little ones can play, read, and work on art projects while you are enjoying your yoga practice. The mission of the Little Lotus Learning Center is to increase access to yoga for parents of young children, by providing childcare during daytime yoga classes. We believe that yoga is a vital tool in physical and mental health, and that active parenting requires optimal health! We recognize that cost is an ever-pressing issue when it comes to childcare, and we strive to provide the lowest cost possible for our services while keeping the quality of care high.

Please note: We currently offer childcare for only one class a week: Wednesdays 9:30am Hatha. If you are interested in seeing us expand the childcare schedule, please e-mail with your feedback and specific time requests.


  • If nobody is registered to use the childcare space within 12 hours of the class start time then we call off our baby-sitters, so advance registration is required to ensure a spot. Please register by 9:30pm the night before. Register here!
  • Parents must remain on-site for the duration of childcare. Your child will receive care for the duration of class, in addition to up to 10 minutes before the class start time and up to 5 minutes after the class end time.
  • Our childcare space is welcoming of all children between the ages of 18 months and 10 years. Please note, our staff is not trained to work with special needs. If your child’s care requires skills or knowledge beyond the capabilities of our providers, we may ask you to pursue other childcare arrangements during class.
  • Please leave your child in a fresh diaper, or if they are potty trained make sure they use the bathroom right before class. Our childcare is not equipped for diaper changes, and our caregiver will not be able to escort children to the bathroom in the hallway during the 75 minute class, so if your child is still in diapers or requires bathroom assistance you may be called in to help them during class.
  • Children must be in good health to attend.
  • Children who behave in a disruptive way may be asked to leave. In these circumstances, parents will be notified immediately.
  • If a child is inconsolable for more than 10 minutes, parents will be notified and asked to return to the childcare area to assist staff.
  • For your child’s comfort, please feel free to send them with a snack and contained beverage. If your child has food allergies of any kind, please notify the childcare attendant before class so they can ensure your child’s safety.


Childcare Drop-in: $10 to drop-in for the duration of a 75-minute class (you can drop your child up to 10 minutes before class and pick them up within 5 minutes of the class ending)
Childcare Drop-in for Yoga Refuge Members: Only $5!
Childcare Drop-in for additional child from same family: $5 for the duration of 75-minute class
Childcare 5-use Pass: $35 (good for 3 months)