Services and Rates

Private Yoga Services are customizable to your needs. We can set up in-studio or on-site private classes for Individuals, Couples, Families, Celebratory Occasions, Corporate/Workplace wellness and more. Rates vary depending on circumstances, please e-mail to receive a quote.

Pricing Options for Private Yoga Therapy for Individuals:

Open House Session:

One 30-minute private session, FREE! Open House Sessions are a great way to find out if private yoga therapy is right for you. Sign up here for your free 30-minute session!

Single 75-minute Private Yoga Discovery Session: $90 (Includes lifestyle and wellness goal assessment, take home assignments and custom sequence).

3-Month Starter Kit:

$330: Includes 3 Private Yoga sessions and 12 group yoga classes over the course of 3 months. Perfect for beginners, those returning to yoga after a break, students who are needing to modify or adapt their practice due to injury or life change, or those who are wanting to deepen and enhance their experience of group classes with customized insight.

Results Package:

Minimum 3-month commitment, auto-pay $260/month: Weekly private sessions for 3 or more months. Includes ongoing wellness/lifestyle and yoga coaching with take home assignments and custom sequences, tailored to your personal goals and needs. The results package is the ideal fit for committed students who want to see meaningful change and are willing to invest time and energy in self-care.

Membership add-on: Yoga Refuge Members at any level can add one or more monthly private yoga sessions to their auto-pay for $65/session